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The Long and Winding Road

by | Nov 16, 2020

For the last four months, my family and I have been going through the process to secure a mortgage for a house in Morton Grove. In true 2020 fashion, we languished with a lender clear through the end of October. We thought we needed to stay with them due to their being recommended to us by a friend in the business. Three times throughout the process, with this original lender, we thought we were going to lose the house. By the end of October, when the closing papers came, it was clear that this lending company had been doing everything wrong. Our attorney replied to me with two words, “Walk away.” And so we did. Three months into the process, and we walked away. The sellers were incredibly patient and understanding. We started over with a new lending company, and as I type this, we are three days away from actually closing. The process with this new lending company took less than three weeks. Never a dull moment in 2020.

Two and a half of these months, we were out of our previous apartment in Evanston. Staying with friends, family, and even at an Airbnb. Now, we are in the house, and we are starting to get everything in order. Just in time for the recent work from home order, as requested by the session. We’re here! We did it.

The tiredness set in almost immediately. I make extra sharp, mental markers of these moments because they don’t happen often. It’s time to fill my cup up again. I wrote a devotional back in March about embracing an Ecclesiastes 2.0. I suppose I’m writing this devotional to myself as much as anyone else. The time of transient living is behind us. Now, it’s time to settle. It’s time to build ourselves up again.

The long and winding road has finally led my family to this home’s door. Throughout our journey, we relied on no less than 20 or so family members and friends. It took a lot of cooperation to make this happen. Whatever journey you are on, whatever struggles you are facing, I hope you will find the courage to carry on and grow in the process. I also hope you will reach out to others if you are in need of help. No one is alone in our church family.

Always Forward.


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