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If you have been attending worship for a while and want to take the next step – to become a committed member of the congregation – it’s time to sign up for the next New Members Class. A commitment to the First Pres family of faith means that you plan to attend worship regularly and support the congregation and our mission through prayer, financial resources, and sharing your time and talents.

New Members Class involves learning more about life at First Pres – digging into the “why” and “how” we worship, grow in faith, and gather for fun and fellowship, and exploring the many ways we reach out in service to others.

The New Members Class runs several times per year. The process usually includes a Sunday morning class and a luncheon with the pastors and other staff, followed by meeting the Session (the governing board of the church), and then being received into the congregation during a worship service. Joining the congregation is a wonderful way to get to know other people, including other new members, and to dive right into life at First Pres!

To find out when the next New Members Class will take place, contact the church office.