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Sacraments & Ceremonies

The Sacraments


As Presbyterians, we believe baptism is a special activity, called a sacrament, put into practice by Jesus. Candidates for Holy Baptism at First Presbyterian Church include: (1) infants or children born to members or prospective members of the congregation; or (2) adults who, after adequate preparation and instruction, declare their faith in Jesus and their desire for baptism. To speak with a pastor about baptism, contact the church office at 847-255-5900. For scheduling information, contact Mary Fino.


Participating in Holy Communion, also known as the Lord’s Supper, is the another sacrament in Protestant churches. Communion is offered several times throughout the year, during worship services.


Confirmation & Discipleship

The confirmation program at First Pres starts with an in-depth year of study in 8th grade, followed by two years of Discipleship, for a total of three years. At the end of the two years of Discipleship, we hope that the youth will make the commitment to become members of the church. 


Weddings at First Pres Church are performed for members or prospective members of the congregation. For more information, contact Carol Vega.


Funerals, Memorial Services, and Gifts

Please contact Pastor Laura Sherwood, or call the church office at 847-255-5900, for more information on funerals and memorial services.

Click here to make a memorial gift to First Presbyterian Church in honor of a friend or loved one. (Select “Memorial Gifts” in the “Select a fund” drop-down menu at this link.