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Board of Trustees

Trustees at First Presbyterian Church are responsible for the ownership and maintenance of all church property and for the preparation and maintenance of church financial records.
The trustees are organized into four teams:

Facilities & Property

This team handles building matters, such as heating, cooling, electrical, and plumbing systems. From roof replacements to parking lot resurfacing, this group keeps our facility safe and well maintained. 

Grounds & Landscaping

This team is primarily responsible for our beautiful gardens, including the Memorial Prayer Garden. Coordinating with a variety of volunteers, as well as vendors, they work hard to ensure First Presbyterian Church’s grounds are attractive.

Equipment & Furnishings

This team oversees matters ranging from carpet and furniture to the appliances in our kitchens. Ensuring we have the correct equipment to meet our programming needs is one of this team’s key objectives.

Finance & Offerings

This team has been charged with making sure all funds collected are secure and properly recorded. Each trustee has a role helping to secure our offerings, under the oversight of this subcommittee.