All-Church Mission Study

The All-Church Mission Study is meant to include a full representation of voices and to help reflect Who this congregation has been and continues to be, How you feel called by God in this time and place and Where you envision God is leading you next, So That you may live into the future God has for you.

These may seem like simple questions on the surface, but they require a depth of reflection and engagement to bring forth a faithful and helpful picture of this congregation to share with potential candidates for your next pastoral leadership.

Pastor Barbara and I will be working with a Mission Study Team to prayerfully read all your stories and responses shared throughout the three conversation sessions, feedback from the initial Connection Group gatherings in the fall and key findings from 2022 Focus Groups.

Our goal will be to shape a set of descriptions, hopes, visions and considerations for the Church’s future and next pastoral leadership that will be shared with the congregation for a final process of clarification in May.

If you are not able to attend the in-person sessions, we do have an online option for you and your family to fill out. Click the buttons below to access the session questionnaires.