Over the last few months of the pandemic, I’ve had several people reach out to me just wanting to chat about their lives. They don’t want my advice, rather they’re looking for an outlet to process the feelings of loss, anger, grief and sadness that are all too present as a result of the coronavirus. Some have lost jobs, others have lost friendships and still others have lost loved ones. Perhaps more than anything else, many have lost experiences that they can never get back.

Interestingly, I have also had conversations with people about how this pandemic has been a wake-up call. I have had more than one conversation with people who were inspired to change their lifestyle choices. From eating better, to drinking less, to exercising more, I’ve been impressed by the ingenuity of some folks to make lemonade out of lemons. Others have admitted that being let go from their jobs was blessing. They were being consumed by their work and took the opportunity to reconnect with their families.

The one thing that I have noticed is that, regardless of how the pandemic has affected a person, talking about their experiences made them feel better. Judy, TC and I want you to know that, if you feel the need to tell your story, we are here to listen. 

Below is a form that will allow you to talk about what’s been happening in your life. Everything you tell us will be held in confidence.

We hope you will take this opportunity to be vulnerable and share how this unique moment in history has impacted you. The truth is no one will emerge from this event unscathed, but if we lend each other a kind ear, then I believe we can begin the process of allowing God’s love to heal our wounds. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please list some Highs and Lows that you’ve experienced during this past year:

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