For the past several years, those attending worship on Sunday mornings have had an opportunity for additional giving by attaching cash to bookmarks available in worship. These donations are used for many different missions that the congregation supports. One of the first projects that benefitted from the bookmark collection was the Mary and Martha Lending Closet; allowing the closet to stock up for its grand opening. The bookmarks have benefitted Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, Family Forward, NOVI, RefugeeOne and several other organizations that First Pres partners with.

As we enter 2024, the bookmarks will benefit the PC (USA) Native American Church Property Fund during the first quarter of the year. Following the Engage and Encounter class in November and December around the Doctrine of Discovery and Native Americans, the donation to this fund will show our continued commitment to learning and awareness of the harms caused to Native Americans by the larger church over much of our history.

The Native American Church Property Fund assists with needed repairs of Native American churches and chapels in the Presbyterian Church, PC (USA). Repairing the infrastructure of Native American churches and chapels also supports the mission, ministry and presence of Native American congregations in the PC (USA). The need for funds to conduct urgent and immediate repairs and improvements, including health and safety repairs, will enable continued use of the facilities by congregations and the public who visit the churches. Currently, there are approximately ninety- five Native American PC (USA) congregations in the United States. The property fund is just one way that First Pres can support these congregations.

Watch for more information on other ways you can learn more about this fund and the churches work to repair relationships with our Native American siblings.