This year we are offering a devotional guide for the season of advent titled: From Generation to Generation… An Advent Devotional. You can pick up a hard copy of the guide at church in the literature racks, visit the website to enjoy the guide electronically.


The stories, scriptures and traditions of the Christmas season have been passed down to us throughout the generations. Many of us enter this season with a swell of memories and emotions as vast as the cultural and religious rituals this holiday holds. Like a tapestry woven throughout time, the Christmas story weaves us in—to remember how God has shown up in the past, to continue the work of collective liberation, to behold the presence of God in flesh and bone.

In this daily devotional, we invite you to take a closer look at how the Christmas story unfolds. We encourage you to pay attention to each of the characters in these familiar narratives and ask: What did each person pass on or contribute? How did they either participate in God’s liberation and love—or try to thwart God’s justice? What can we learn from them and what is our role now? What will we pass on to the next generation?

As creatives, they’ve contemplated these questions and themes while revisiting the stories surrounding Christ’s birth. In response, they’ve created visual art, written reflections, poems, hymns and journaling prompts. And, because many of us connect to our ancestors through the food they’ve passed down to us, they’ve shared family recipes for you

to prepare as an act of Sabbath rest. Day by day, we invite you to journey through the reflections and prompts in this devotional with wonder and curiosity for the ways God is speaking to you.

From Generation to Generation… reminds us of the ways our lives,
histories, actions and stories are interconnected and woven together. The work of God is always unfolding—in and through us. This Advent, may you remember that you belong—to a story etched into the wrinkles of time, to generations that have come before and will come after, to a love that won’t let you go.