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Why Sing? Why Not!

by | May 21, 2020

Speaking to each another has existed in one form or another for a very long time. There are even languages from ancient history that are lost to the sands of time. For the most part, singing is elevated speech. When words will not cut it, singing must step in to have this dance. If languages have been lost to history, that means that singing practices have been, as well. We have a decent indicator for how singing happens in the middle east, but it is still fascinating to wonder. How did the Egyptians sing during the times of the pharaohs? How did the Jewish people sing when they wandered the desert for 40 years? What did Jesus and his disciples sing during the last supper? Could Jesus carry a tune?

Part 1 was all about breathing. Part 2 is all about singing, kind of. The video link will be listed at the end of this devotional. I will admit that I was trying out a new microphone setup, and while I carved out a chunk of time while Megan and Lily were out walking, I had troubles with my new setup. The video still ends leaving the ball in your court to practice singing. Sing your favorite hymn. Sing along to your favorite song. Sing a little louder and more prouder in the shower! 

You see, we are about to start experimenting more with virtual ensembles here at First Pres. Although this seems like an odd time to “recruit” members for our music ministry, my guess is there are people connected to our church who might have been interested in the praise band or choir for a long time, but did not have the time in their schedule to participate. Well, now we all have the time! 

So, let’s sing! Let’s make some music! If I have not been in contact with you already, reach out to me if you are interested in participating with some upcoming virtual projects – adamhendrickson@firstpresah.org

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