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Comfort in Chaos

by | May 1, 2020

This devo was particularly difficult for me to write because I’m preaching this Sunday (plug, plug, plug… come check it out) and thus that message has been firmly on my mind.  So, trying to switch gears and write a devotional with a different message is difficult, but luckily my sister came through for me without even knowing it!  Last week, my sister, Lindsey (who worked at First Pres a couple years before me, as an intern), couldn’t sleep and so she took to Facebook to post a hymn that gave her comfort and calm because it was a hymn that my father used to (and still probably does) sing around the house.  As I watched the 4 min video of her, I felt the calmness wash over me, I felt re-centered, which is something that I haven’t felt often in the last month and a half.  And so, I thought I would try to do the same for you.  So, today’s devotional is this explanation and then a video of me playing and singing a song that gives me comfort and calm in uncertain and chaotic times.  I hope that it can to the same for you.

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