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by | May 14, 2020

To piggy back off of Alex’s devotional about the importance of sleep in relation to our mental health, I want to talk about the importance of breath (insert joke here). Duh, of course breathing is important! Seriously though, the quality of the breaths that we take is paramount to our mental health, especially in an anxiety ridden time such as this. Those that do not take the time to breathe properly are more irritated by every little thing, and it is hard to keep our mind on the big picture. Speaking of the big picture, our choir members are waiting as patiently as possible to return to choir. One of our choir members, Nancy Lincoln, reached out to me wanting some direction for keeping her voice in shape during this time at home. I created a Part 1 video, and the link to that will be shared after this brief devotional. Part 1 is all about breathing.

As you will see in the video, I touch on how breathing and the relieving of tension is so critical to singing. The same is true about living, as well. The quality of our breaths will influence the quality of our lives in every respect. The relieving of tension in the mind, body, or soul will also add to one’s quality of life.

The video is not just helpful for singers. I encourage all of you to watch it and engage with my instructions. Connect with your breathing, and improve it. Connect with the areas where you are holding on to tension. Breathe, breathe through the tension. Breathe. Let go of the tension you no longer need to hold on to. You never know the songs you might want to sing once you do. Amen.


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