Children are welcome at First Pres!

Faith formation is essential to life at First Pres. Children in preschool through fifth grade are encouraged to attend Sunday School, where they will get to know Jesus, grow in faith, and learn about sharing the love of God through words and actions. Serving others is an important component of our Sunday School program, and children have many opportunities to put their faith into action, serving others through mission projects and activities. Dedicated volunteer teachers work hard to teach the love of Jesus each week. Thanks to these special teachers and other adult leaders, our children feel a sense of belonging, love, friendship, joy, and purpose. In other words, they feel God.

Ensuring the safety of every child is a priority at First Pres. All volunteers are required to participate in Safe Sanctuary training, which includes a background check, volunteer application, and an interview with a pastor prior to working with children. Training is required every three years.

It is our prayer that your family will feel at home at First Pres! Through worship, faith formation, special events, and service opportunities we seek to connect with you and your family in meaningful and faithful ways. Contact Katy Allen for more information.

Nursery Care

Nursery care is available for children from infants through age 2 during all worship services on Sunday morning. Professional staff and dedicated volunteers provide a loving, nurturing environment so that parents may attend the worship service of their choice. Age-appropriate toys, books, and activities are always available so that children can have a positive experience while in our care. Child care is provided in the Red Room (Room 209/211) on the main level of the Christian Education Wing.

Preschool Sunday School 

Three- and four-year-old preschoolers are in for a treat when they participate in Preschool Sunday School. We are currently following the Whirl curriculum, specially designed to introduce Bible stories in fun and engaging ways to preschoolers. Preschool Sunday School meets 9:45-10:45 am during the program year (September - May) in the Green Room (main level, Christian Education Wing). Parents may drop their children off at 9:40 am or bring their children to worship at 9:30 and take advantage of CROSSROADS Guides, who escort children to Sunday School directly from the CROSSROADS worship service, after Children’s Prayer time.

K-5th Grade Sunday School

Our innovative new Sunday School curriculum for children in kindergarten through fifth grade challenges our children to explore how Bible stories relate, in new and relevant ways, to their everyday lives. Sunday School meets 9:45-10:45 am during the program year (September - May). Our theme for this year was: Exploring God’s Earth. Together, we explored Psalm 24:1: “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, the world and its inhabitants too.” Using a cool thematic approach, our elementary kids spent three to four weeks on a unit theme followed by a special event designed to bring the unit to life in a creative and fun way. Stay tuned for next year's theme, starting in September!

Each week we share an energizing time learning about ourselves, other people, and our amazing God. If you would like more information, please contact Katy Allen.

Special Children's Activities and Family Events

We celebrate many special events together with our First Pres families, including an annual Easter Breakfast and Egg Hunt, an annual Chili Cook-Off, and more.

Another wonderful family activity is Family Night, featuring dinner and activities for all ages, including Kids Connect for children in grades K-5.

Learn about Family Night.