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At First Pres, we are centered on building the kingdom of God in our community and across the globe. Three simple phrases guide our work: Choose love. Be the light. Change the world.

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Regular, Ongoing Support for First Pres


Manna from Heaven GraphicIn the story of Exodus, when the Israelites were wandering the through the wilderness, they were on the brink of disaster. The meager resources they had managed to carry out of Egypt were quickly running short. Catastrophe felt all but inevitable, and then, just when all hope seemed lost, God provided sustenance. The heavens rained down manna. Thanks to God, the Israelites had enough bread to feed their families.

This remarkable story reminds us that no matter the challenges we face in the world, God provides, helping us to weather the storm. This year has been quite a tempest in our lives, leaving us feeling adrift and unmoored. The uncertainty with the pandemic, the economy and social unrest is a tough burden to shoulder alone. Thankfully, the members of First Pres have each other.

God continues to provide for our congregation with the blessings of generous hearts and faithful spirits. As a result, First Pres has been a lighthouse for those who desire to find respite in God’s love and compassion. In spite of the circumstances, we continue to provide uplifting worship, pastoral care and missional support for individuals, families and organizations.

Although we find ourselves wandering in the wilderness, God is still providing Manna from Heaven. When you give of your resources to the church, you allow those gifts to be made new. With your help, First Pres can continue to be that solid foundation in an ever shifting landscape.

As the famous biblical commentator Matthew Henry once said, “After a storm comes a calm.” Thank you for making a commitment to our stewardship campaign and helping us to ensure that First Pres continues to be the calm in the midst of the storm.


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