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Who's in Control?

Posted by Alex Lang on

Scripture: Galatians 3:23-28; Judges 8:22-27

Our sermon series during the fall is called Parallax. A parallax is when two people are looking at the exact same thing, but they are seeing it in completely different ways. The goal of this series is to explore how this is true of the Bible. This Sunday, TC and I will be preaching about the concept power. Specifically, is right for us to have power over another person?

In TC’s passage from Judges, the people ask Gideon to be their ruler. When he refuses, he gathers a bunch of earrings, one from each of the people who took them as treasure from their enemies. From this gold, Gideon makes a ephod, which is basically a priestly vest. Interestingly, because Gideon won’t lead the people, there is a power vacuum. Instead, they start worshiping the ephod that Gideon made.

What this scripture points to is that, without leadership, people seek something to fill that void. Humans crave hierarchy and order. When we don’t have that we fill it with things that shouldn’t be there. We start looking to ephods, or idols, or money, or television to fill that part of our lives and for us, just like for Gideon it becomes a snare. Therefore, humans always need a leader over them, otherwise we devolve into chaos.

On the other hand, Alex utilizes the passage from Galatians that states there is no hierarchy. When it comes to Jesus, everyone is equal. Indeed, this notion of equality sits at the heart of the Christian faith. The idea that everyone is equal calls into question whether we should have human leadership at all. According to this way of thinking, our only leader should be God. I hope you can be there this Sunday as TC and I discuss the power struggles that we all face as humans and how we should use our power in the world for good. See you on Sunday!


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