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Where It All Began

Posted by Alex Lang on

Scripture: Genesis 21:8-21

This Sunday for our sermon series, Trending, we are focusing on the story of Hagar and Ishmael. By way of background, it helps to know that Abraham and his wife, Sarah, have no children because Sarah cannot get pregnant. God has promised Abraham that Sarah will conceive a child but that seems unlikely given her old age.

In a desperate attempt to correct this situation, Sarah tells her husband, Abraham, to sleep with her maidservant, Hagar, and conceive a child through her. It was common practice for wealthy men to create heirs through the domestic servants who attended to their families. Hagar becomes pregnant with a son who will be named Ishmael, which means God listens.

Abraham eventually has two sons, Ishmael by Hagar and Isaac by Sarah. Isaac becomes the son whose line will eventually create the Jewish faith and Ishmael becomes the son whose line will eventually create the Muslim faith. We are going to explore how these descriptions within the Old Testament of these two faiths are misinterpreted by modern Christians and society.

I believe that if we can explore the historical background behind these concept, then we can drill down into the heart of the Muslim faith and what Islam is really all about. Have a great weekend! I hope you are enjoying your summer. See you on Sunday.


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