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The Power of Knowledge

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Scripture: Daniel 1:1-17

This Sunday in our sermon series, Hidden Angels, we will be discussing how knowledge has become the most important commodity in our world today. Our scripture reading is a reinforcement of that reality. The book of Daniel is a series of stories that talk about what happened to the Jewish people when they were enslaved by a nation called Babylon. Daniel was written as a guide to help the Jewish people navigate their time in slavery.

Most of the Jews were put to work in fields harvesting crops or were forced into hard labor on building projects. Others became household slaves, tending to the needs of families. But those who were educated were given special status by the king. So even though these Israelites were slaves, their education gave them an upper hand. Indeed, their minds gave them the opportunity to interact with the most influential people in the Babylonian Empire.

This story is reflective of something that has defined the Jewish people for millennia. The Jews have always been heavily focused on education. This is due to the fact that the Jewish people were constantly being displaced. They came to understand long ago that every time they were forced to move and flee to a new area, knowledge is the greatest asset one can have when trying to survive.

In fact, this is the reason why the stereotype that the Jewish people are very shrewd at business persists to this day. No matter what culture the Jews would find themselves in, they would quickly become successful. This is because they focused so heavily on educating their own. This Sunday we will be discussing how the circumstances that informed the Jewish perspective towards knowledge and education has become the standard around the world—without knowledge, you cannot be successful.

I hope that you enjoy this beautiful fall weather. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday and I look forward to sharing this message and communion! May you have a blessed weekend.


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