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The Light of Hope

Posted by Alex Lang on

Scripture: Romans 8:22-25; Genesis 15:1-6

This Sunday we enter into the season of Advent. If you have ever been present during Advent in our church, you know that every Sunday we light a new candle on our Advent wreath. There are four candles placed along the outside of the wreath and one in the center. Each of these candles represents a theme that is critical to the season of Advent. The first candle represents hope, the second peace, the third joy, the fourth love, and the fifth candle represents Jesus, the light of the world.

This year, I have decided to base my Advent sermon series around the themes associated with these candles. This particular series is called, A Light in the Darkness, and the focus is on how we live in a world where evil, malevolence, and immorality often dominate, and yet God is still able to shine through and overcome the darkness that enshrouds our lives. 

The goal of this series is to explore how God makes the divine known to us in ways that we can observe and experience in the world. Each week we will take the theme of that Advent Sunday and attempt to discern the ways in which God’s presence becomes manifest in our lives. Our series opens with the theme of hope.

We all need hope in our lives. We all need to believe that when our lives are shrouded in darkness and uncertainty that better days are to come. This Sunday we will be discussing how God brings hope into our lives and helps us to find our purpose and meaning in a world where it is often lacking. Have a wonderful weekend. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday!


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