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The First Step

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Scripture: Romans 7:14-20; Genesis 6:5-8

This Sunday in our sermon series, Hidden Angels, we will be discussing how God expects Christians to treat those who have addictions to substances like alcohol and drugs. You are probably aware that we are living in a time with unprecedented levels of addiction. It’s hard to open a newspaper or turn on your television without seeing a reference to the opioid crisis.

Presently, there are an average of 115 opioid related deaths per day in the United States. When you look at the demographic statistics behind these deaths, this epidemic isn’t just relegated to those living in poverty. It spans the whole socio-economic spectrum. So one big question that people have been asking lately is, “How did we get here? How did things get so bad?”

Well there’s a lot of factors at play, but the root of the crisis can be traced back to the proliferation of synthetic opioids by pharmaceutical companies. Addiction levels began to soar when these opioids began to be prescribed by physicians in large quantities. But easy access to drugs doesn’t fully explain why so many people are willing to try them in the first place.

Although many people become hooked on synthetic opioids because they are prescribed for pain following a surgery or an injury, there’s a much larger percentage of people who are using oxycodone recreationally. The question is: why take the risk of becoming addicted to something that could so easily destroy your life? In my opinion, there is something spiritual going on with this issue. I hope you can be there Sunday because we’ll be exploring this important issue.

May you and your family have a wonderful weekend filled with friends, fun, and fellowship!


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