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The Final Cut

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Scripture: 2Peter 2:4-10; Jude 1:5-9

We have come to the last sermon in the third part of our sermon series, Church and State: The Rise of Early Christianity. This Sunday we will be reading from two of the oddest documents in the entire New Testament: Jude and 2Peter. These are the last two documents that were included in the New Testament canon. Jude was written around 115 A.D. and 2Peter was written around 120 A.D.

Just so were clear, Jude and 2Peter were written nearly 90 years after Jesus walked the Earth and it definitely shows in the content of the letters. In fact, the content is so strange that these two letters are rarely, if ever, read in church services. Personally, I love these two letters. I think they are absolutely fascinating because they’re the last little glimpse we have into the church before the Bible ends.

So our goal for Sunday is to examine the contents of these letters and then answer an important question: why are these the last two books to make it into the New Testament? As we explore these two letters, we will find some things inside of them that are very unorthodox, which begs the question: why did they draw the line with these two books and not others?

It’s Memorial Day Weekend and it looks as though we jumping directly from spring to summer. Enjoy the warm sunshine and the beauty of God’s creation. If you’re not out of town, I look forward to seeing you on Sunday!


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