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Stranger Things

Posted by Alex Lang on

Scripture: Leviticus 19:32-34; Matthew 2:7-14

Over the summer we finished our sermon series Church and State, which provided us with some lessons as to how we can be the church of the 21st century. This coming year is what I refer to as a year of action. It’s a year where we are going to do our best to take these lesson and put our faith into practice. In order reinforce this on Sunday mornings, I have devised five different sermon series for the coming year that talk about various forms of action in our lives.

Our first series of the year is called Hidden Angels. The premise behind this series is to highlight certain people in our congregation who have done amazing things for other people. Every sermon will begin with a taped interview of the person we are highlighting. This interview will provide us with a foundation to discuss a particular topic. We’ll examine the topic from a social, cultural and spiritual perspective. Then, of course, we will end with how God is asking us to live our lives differently as a result of this information.

This Sunday, we’re going to begin by discussing Jesus’ call for us to welcome the stranger into our midst and what that means for us as Christians. I hope you can be present because not only will it be a great start to a new year and a new series, but we are also going to have an amazing kick-off even with food trucks, games and music. I hope you can be there because it will be a lot of fun. Enjoy the weekend. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday for the beginning of another great year!


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