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Step 4: Healings

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Scripture: Matthew 10:1-4; Matthew 8:14-17

During the season of Lent we are doing a sermon series called, The Footsteps of Jesus. Last week, we discussed why it’s important to take Jesus’ teachings seriously and the cost that is exacted from us when we implement those teachings in our lives. From here, Jesus moves onto the fourth step in his ministry—he begins performing healings.

Jesus’ healings described in the New Testament are very much in line with the way other healers performed healings in the ancient world. A lot of people were healers in the ancient world. It was a family profession that would be handed from one generation to the next. If you were a good healer, it was also a very lucrative profession. What makes Jesus unique is that he does not come from a family of healers and he performs his healings for free.

As a result, Jesus ends up getting swarmed by huge groups of people who are coming to him with all sorts of diseases and ailments. If you wanted access to healthcare in the ancient world, you needed to have money. But it’s clear that Jesus believed that every person, regardless of their resources, deserved to be healed from their illnesses. Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons why he believed this to be the case is because Christianity and Judaism are grounded in one fundamental precept—every human life is of infinite and equal value.

Since every life is of infinite and equal value, this means that every human being deserves the same basic things—every human deserves food in their stomach, a roof over their head, clothes on their back, and as Jesus demonstrates through his healings, freedom from illness. This Sunday we’re going to talk about Jesus’ expectation that Christians to provide the best possible healthcare to all people. We are going to enjoy our first warm weekend in a while. I hope you can get outside and enjoy the fresh air. See you on Sunday!


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