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Step 2: Disciples

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Scripture: Matthew 4:12-22; 9:9-12

As of Ash Wednesday, we find ourselves in the season of Lent. Traditionally, Lent is a period of 40 days. Christians walk alongside Jesus as he journeys towards Holy Week, where we mourn Jesus’ death and celebrate his resurrection. In order to experience this journey alongside Jesus, we are asked to walk in Jesus’ footsteps. One of the ways that we can follow in Jesus’ footsteps is by examining the various stages, or steps, in his ministry.

Therefore, we are undertaking a sermon series during Lent called, The Footsteps of Jesus. The goal of this series is to explore how each of these steps of his ministry are aspects of our journey as Christians that we need to mirror in our own lives. Each sermon will explore an aspect of Jesus’ ministry and how, by engaging with that particular footstep, we can become transformed into a different person.

On Ash Wednesday, Pastor Judy began this sermon series with the first step of Jesus’ ministry, the deprivation Jesus faced during his temptation in the desert. On Sunday, we are moving on to step 2, when Jesus calls his first disciples. The word disciple comes from the Greek word mathetes, which generally means learner or pupil. Now these words bring to mind the idea that a disciple is like a student in school, attempting to learn all the information that the teacher knows.

But this picture is not entirely accurate. Yes, a disciple learns what the teacher knows, but in the context of what we are talking about today, a disciple is something much deeper in substance. Indeed, the disciple doesn’t just know what the teacher knows, the disciple can do what the teacher does. Therefore, when Jesus calls his disciples, Jesus believes they are capable of being like him. This Sunday we will discuss how Jesus’ expectations of his first disciples are the same expectations he has for us. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with friends, family, and fun. See you soon!


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