Choosing Love

No Turning Back

Posted by Alex Lang on

Scripture: John 21:15-19; Proverbs 10:8-12

This Sunday in our sermon series, Through a Mirror Darkly, we are discussing how love can compel us to stick together through thick and thin. Indeed, the connection we form with another human being can be so strong that we would literally do anything for them. The ancient Greeks had some 30 words to describe love in all its various permutations. The reason why is because the Greeks understood that people experience love in profoundly different ways.

Since English lacks the nuance of Greek, we have to use lots of words to explain what love is and still we can never quite convey the depth of the meaning behind it. For instance, there are four versions of the Greek word love found in the New Testament: 1) storge—familial love 2) philia—friendship love 3) eros—erotic love and 4) agape—unconditional ‘God’ love. These are four very distinct types of love, and since we have all experienced them at some time or another, it helps us to understand that each Greek word represents one dimension of the English word love.

The notion that love is this multilayered, multidimensional idea is something that is desperately missing from our culture. On Sunday, we are going to discuss how the beauty of true love is that we are willing to do anything for the other person, in spite of the possibility that we risk being hurt as a result of falling in love. It’s going to be an amazing worship service with lots of Beatles music. Stay safe because it’s looking to be a very hot weekend. See you on Sunday!


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