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Scripture: Romans 5:12-14; 18-21; Genesis 3:17-19

This Sunday we will begin the fourth and final part of our sermon series, Church and State: The Rise of Early Christianity. We’ve gone through all of the letters and all of the gospels, so for the last part of this series we’ll be examining an individual Christian who made a contribution that propelled the faith forward. We’re going to be looking at Christians who helped to mold the church in some significant way.

These individual Christians are better known as church fathers and mothers. This last part of the series will span from 120 all the way to 430 A.D. During this time period we’re going to see Christianity transform from a growing religion that was being persecuted by the Roman government, into the official religion of the Roman Empire.

This Sunday we are going to begin by talking about a critical figure in the early church, a bishop by the name Irenaeus. As we will discuss, Irenaeus is the first person to gather all of the documents we find in the New Testament together in one place. In doing so, he was also the first person try to interpret these texts as one body and he comes to some very interesting conclusions about Jesus and his movement.

His interpretations will provide us with different and important lens for thinking about Christianity in the 21st century. It’s finally looking a lot like summer. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday! May you have a restful and relaxing weekend.


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