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From Many, One

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Scripture: Genesis 1:1-5, 26-27; Exodus 18:10-12

We are in, what I refer to as, the in-between time. The time after Advent and before Lent when there’s not a whole lot going on. It’s during this time that I always like to do a sermon series that broadens our horizons and gets us to see things from a new perspective. In this vein, we are going to ring in the New Year with a short five sermon series called Crossover.

Each week we will focus on a different religious tradition that has points of intersection with Judaism/Christianity. The point of this series is not to say that all religions are the same, because they’re not. Rather, it is to show how religions share parallel paths of interest with the hopes of achieving similar ends, often by different means.

The first sermon in this series will focus on the religious tradition of polytheism and henotheism. It’s important to define what these words mean:

  • A polytheist means you believe in many gods and worship many gods.
  • A henotheist means you believe in many gods, but you only worship one of those gods.
  • A monotheist means you believe in one God and only worship one God.

This Sunday I’m going to show you how our Jewish ancestors began as polytheists who became henotheists and eventually monotheists. I promise you that it will be eye opening! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s celebration with your family and friends. See you on Sunday!


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