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Forgiving the Unforgiven

Posted by Alex Lang on

Scripture: Matthew 18:23-35; Luke 17:1-4

This Sunday we begin a new sermon series called Parallax. A parallax comes from the Greek term parallaxis, which means alteration. The parallax effect is when the same object appears to differ in terms of position or direction when viewed from different positions.

For instance, you and I can be standing in a field watching the sun set next to a tree. However, depending on where you’re standing that sunset can look very different. If you’re on one side of the field, it can look as though the sun is setting on the right side of the tree. If you’re on the other side of the field, it can look as though the sun is setting on the left side of the tree. It’s the same sunset, but we’re seeing it from completely different perspectives.

So a parallax is when two people are looking at the exact same thing and see it in completely different ways. The goal of this series is to explore how this is true of the Bible that two different people can read the scripture and walk away with completely different interpretations of what it means. For this series, there will always be two pastors preaching about the same topic. I will always take one side and TC or Judy will take the other. Each pastor is providing two different interpretations of the same topic. We will preach in a point-counterpoint fashion, so you’ll get to decide who is more convincing.

What’s more, the topics we will be addressing are going to range from the thought-provoking to the controversial. This Sunday, for the first sermon in our series, TC and I will be preaching on the topic of forgiveness. Is forgiveness our choice or is forgiveness something that Jesus requires of us? It should be an interesting sermon with good points on each side. I hope to see you there, not just for the sermon, but also for the fall kick-off where there will be food trucks and lots of fun for everyone! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Soak up the sun because it’ll be gone before we know it. See you on Sunday!


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