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Anything for Family

Posted by Alex Lang on

Scripture: Mark 3:31-35; Proverbs 23:19-25

This Sunday is the last sermon in our series, Through a Mirror Darkly. We will be discussing the role of family in our lives. Our families imbue us with a lot. At their best, they give us life, love, food, shelter, and comfort. They raise us and give us structure and support. Being a parent requires a great deal of sacrifice. As a kid, it can be hard to understand what that sacrifice means. I remember being a kid and going to t-ball games and my dad was never there. I figured my dad didn’t care about my sports. I didn’t realize that he was working hard to provide the money so I could enjoy those sports.

Usually, it’s only as you get older that you come to realize what that sacrifice means. That’s why I love this story so much. I didn’t understand what my father was doing for me until I was in my early 20s. And once I did understand that he was willing to make those sacrifices, I came to regard his words as having much greater value in my life. Indeed, rather than simply dismissing his commentary on a certain topic as just another dad rant, I actually started listening to what he had to say and I found that sometimes, what he was talking about made sense, and on occasions, could actually be profound.

And at their best, this is what our families can do for us. They teach us not only how to properly live our lives, but they also teach us how to appreciate the best that life has to offer. This Sunday we are going to discuss how the church can be a family for those who did not grow up with a strong support system. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Soak up the sun because it’ll be gone before we know it. See you on Sunday!


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