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32 Lessons of the Early Church

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For the last sermon in our sermon series, Church and State: The Rise of Early Christianity, I spoke about the 32 lessons we learned over the last year from the early church overcoming obstacles. Those lessons were hung on the ceiling of the Sanctuary, mimicking Augustine’s City of God in the heavens.

I explained that if we work to embody these lessons in our own lives, then we can bring that church down to earth. Below are the lessons laid out for you to read and reflect upon. We will be doing more with these lessons in the coming months and years.

32 Lessons of the Early Church

  1. Jesus is real in our hearts § No one’s Jesus is 100% accurate
  2. Think outside the box § Question and doubt
  3. Don’t fixate on the details § Build each other up
  4. Jesus may or may not return § Make the world better while you wait
  5. Christianity is adaptive § Relevance requires adaptation
  6. We each hold a piece of the puzzle § Centered in Jesus’ love, compassion and forgiveness
  7. Faith leads to action § Action leads to faith
  8. Love will always make an exception § Love unconditionally
  9. Love forces us to say, “Yes!” § The church mirrors God’s kingdom in the world
  10. Pooling our resources does more good § Generosity expresses our love for God
  11. Jesus calls us to sacrifice for everyone § Even those we don’t know
  12. Christianity is a reflection of life § God takes chaos and uses it for good
  13. Rethink, retool and rebuild the church § Jesus is a restorer
  14. Jesus redefined the rules § God doesn’t keep score
  15. Our Christianity is self-giving, not self-serving § Our Jesus is big enough
  16. God gives money so we can give it back § Giving helps create God’s kingdom on Earth
  17. God will make it right § God’s forgiveness restores our brokenness
  18. God’s kingdom is established through us § We are Jesus’ hands and feet
  19. Christianity is focused on this life, not the next § Jesus enters into your suffering right now
  20. All Christians pick and choose § Own the hypocrisy
  21. The Bible is important § The Bible is the start of our story
  22. A community figuring out the puzzle of life § You help us figure out the puzzle of life
  23. Together, we become who God intended us to be § Our future will be different from our past
  24. Humans like structure § Structure locks in the good and the bad
  25. We work out our differences § Our common morality is Jesus’ love
  26. Christianity is not one thing § You write the future of our faith
  27. Humans possess great potential § We have the capacity to be like Jesus
  28. We can do what Jesus asked of us § Food, clothes, housing, medicine, love
  29. Equality § Everyone is welcomed and accepted
  30. God wants everyone to be saved § God will never reject us
  31. Radical acceptance § Our doors are open to all
  32. Live the truth § Christianity is countercultural



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